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The Baltimore Principles
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Author Carl Douglas has unearthed from colonial American history some simple yet amazingly powerful principles of representational government.

He calls his discovery the Baltimore Principles after Lord Baltimore, who in 1650 established a groundbreaking form of government in Maryland.

With an effective system of checks and balances both horizontally and vertically, starting from the bottom up, the Baltimore Principles successfully kept England's king and Parliament from dipping their hands into colonial coffers for generations.

Once reapplied, the Baltimore Principles will cure an ailing America, effectively keeping our top-heavy federal government at bay just as they did the English crown, and restoring true power to the people.

This diagram depicts how nationwide levels of government would be structured under the Baltimore Principles.

Under the Baltimore Principles, power is granted from the bottom up at the lowest level of government possible to get the job done. No votes would ever be cast on the floor of the US Senate without the consent and approval of the majority of city councils across the nation.

The Baltimore Principles is a book you simply must read. You owe it to yourself and your country to come to understand the Baltimore Principles.

This book has the power to open your eyes and liberate your mind.